My love of vintage
There are some things one is just drawn too, without explanation, like a moth to a flame, like a toddler to BUBBLES!! Perhaps they come from a whisper of a memory from childhood, something you saw or did time and time again, that has stayed with you quietly in the background all of your life and peeks out from your unconscious from time to time. For me it’s prints and patterns, and VINTAGE – anything vintage: clothing, furniture, china teacups, picture frames, drapes, crystal decanters, my grandparents’ rocks glasses… I could probably attribute my obsession with patterns to the hours on end I spent playing with my Spirograph as a kid, incessantly creating geometric patterns, and my obsession with vintage to the endless weekends spent scouring thrift stores with my best friend as a teenager. All I know is that I LOVE them; they are what excites me and makes me yearn to create. Now I am combining the two things I really love - patterns and vintage - and creating something new and fresh out of things that are no longer loved, inspired by my daughter and the nostalgia of my youth, of times long ago when things felt simple and innocent. My intention is to create one of a kind pieces, lovingly sourced, designed, and manufactured, for your family to love, to give a new home, and with which to create new memories.

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