Welcoming Fall & Transition

Seasons are on the brink of changing, summer days full of swimming and staying up late with the sun are gone, and back to school routines are in full effect (although I’m still resisting!). With our return indoors comes the desire to nest and cozy up our homes, to put away the fans and transition from summer breezy to fall cozy with our home décor. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t update my home décor seasonally – I simply can’t afford to – but there are simple and fairly inexpensive ways you can seasonally update your home. If you’re looking for a few easy ways to update your home décor, whether it’s with the season or simply because your home needs some freshening, or an injection of colour or cool, read on.

Toss pillows and especially floor cushions are a great way to add pops of colour to your home. Floor cushions also function as additional seating to your home, so if you can’t afford those arm chairs and you don’t necessarily have the space for permanent furniture, floor cushions are perfect. When you’re not using them, you can toss them out of the way - in the corner or in front of the fireplace; or you can use them for a footrest while sitting on the sofa. To update them for the season, you can have one pillow insert and change between two different pillowcases – one for Spring and one for Fall! My family uses our floor cushions for so many different things: building forts, having tea parties, making beds and homes for stuffies, sitting on to draw and build lego, and I use them for a comfy place to sit on the floor during meditation and times of focus, peace and calm. My daughter and I love sit and play on the floor with our floor pillows!

hilary-hope-floor-cushions-for-play-from-the-blogChunky knitted throw blankets are another fantastic way to add colour, texture and major cozy to your home without breaking the bank. If you can’t find a local maker in your city or town, check out your local wool shop, sign up for some lessons and make your own – it’s really quite easy if you have the right tools and guidance! In Victoria, The Beehive Wool shop has beautiful yarns, extensive yarn and knitting knowledge, and offers lessons for beginners and more advanced skill levels. Can’t find the super chunky yarns locally? Loopy Mango provides super bright bold colours of super chunky yarns and is available online. Believe me, the cost of the yarn is worth it – you won’t regret the investment, you’ll learn a new skill at the same time, and the result will be a beautiful throw that you can be proud of.

local-victoria-bc-makers-shout-out-my-faves-from-the-blogIt’s no secret that I LOVE colour and texture – just check out my collection of floor pillows for a glimpse into my obsession! Wall hangings are super hot right now and are another marvellous way (I just love that word – I like to say it like this: MAH-vellous) to add amazing texture, warmth and colour to your home décor. Dragonfly Woven Art offers bold and bright colours along with chunky yarn and texture for totally unique and unexpected statements, and Cakespun offers sweet mini weavings (along with full size) in soft pastels and other complimentary, feminine palettes. These two local (female!) makers are just two examples of my faves in Victoria!


Looking for a new and affordable piece of original art? Pale Illusions makes absolutely gorgeous one of a kind art pieces incorporating painting and embroidery on fabric (in hoops), and at around $300 for a large embroidery hoop, it is extremely affordable original art! I absolutely love my mini hoop – it has embroidered stars and a moon and I hang it beside my bed, so I can admire it every night before going to sleep and every morning when I wake.

hilary-hope-floor-cushions-for-reading-from-the-blogI hope you enjoy and embrace the beauty and the possibilities that arise with the changing of the seasons as much as I do. Although I adore summer, the sun, warmth and lake swimming, I have to admit I won’t miss feeling like I’m in an oven in our little house. This is definitely my favourite time of the year, and September my favourite month – maybe it’s because I’ve always been a bit of a nerd and loved going back to school! I love feeling comfortable and being cozy and so when the cooler weather arrives and sweaters and scarves start to wrap themselves around my body, am I one happy lady. And bring on the boots! Happy Solstice!

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