blue-birds-on-brown-paper-bag-reversible-tote-bag-front blue-birds-on-brown-paper-bag-reversible-tote-bag-back blue-birds-on-brown-paper-bag-reversible-tote-bag-interior-peek blue-birds-on-brown-paper-bag-reversible-tote-bag-interior blue-birds-on-brown-paper-bag-reversible-tote-bag-detail

2nd choice is as good as the 1st! Totally charming blue bird sweethearts print on a brown base colour reminiscent of brown paper bags. Vintage floral in soft pink, peach, and green in interior.

One of a kind fully reversible tote bag hand made from sustainable repurposed vintage materials.

Dimensions: 16"H X 12"W X 4.5"D with 21" long straps.